4 TikTok Content Ideas For Your Brand In 2023

TikTok, much like every other social media site available today, is continuously updating its selection of popular content and trends. You probably already know that challenges are one of the most popular types of content on TikTok and that they can be broken down into a wide variety of sub-genres if you’ve been using the platform for a time.

There is a poorly guarded secret among users of TikTok, and that secret is the fact that you can end up doing incredibly well on the platform and interacting with even more of your target audience if you know which topics resonate with your audience.

TikTok provides its customers with regular updates on the content categories that are proving to be the most popular, and it also provides a collection of regional reports that branch off of this information. This allows you to determine what is successful dependent on where you are located.
In this piece, we are going to discuss the TikTok trend report for the United States and Canada, with the goal of assisting you in optimizing your TikTok profile so that it will perform very well in 2023.

What’s Trending in the United States and Canada?

TikTok’s trend report for the United States and Canada recognizes four content categories out of dozens of potentials that are swiftly gaining in popularity. The first category is outdoor activities like camping and hiking, the second is video games, and the fourth and last category is culinary endeavors.

The House and the Garden

Since the vast majority of people in the United States are now able to work from home as a result of the rise of COVID, we spend the most of our time there. As a direct consequence of this, a significant number of people are looking to TikTok as a source of motivation for home improvement projects.

Over the course of the past year, TikTok has witnessed a large increase in user interaction within the genre of home and garden videos. This category is related with a wide variety of hashtags, some of which include #bedroomcheck, #diyproject, #makeover, and #homedecor.

TikTok recommends that whenever you create content that falls into this category, you not only show your audience the finished result, but also take them through the process of how you made it.


Engagement in the camping category has skyrocketed as a direct result of the fact that users of the most recent social media sharing app in the United States are itching to hit the open road once more. There are several distinct camping-related hashtags, each of which is now seeing a significant amount of attention on social media. Outdoor activities such as #tiktoktravel, #overlanding, #campinghack, and #offroading are included in this category.

The passion that TikTok users have for the great outdoors is being used by companies all around the world. TikTok recommends that you produce content that enables your audience to take that initial step and spend more time outside, and that material that helps outdoor veterans to take their experiences to the next level should also be created.

Video Gaming

It is possible that this information will come as a surprise to you, but the gaming genre is now one of the most popular categories on TikTok. This honor formerly belonged to Twitch, however now days a lot of gamers like connecting with their audience through live streaming on TikTok rather than on Twitch. The content can contain video of the game they are currently playing, highlights of their most notable accomplishments, and content centered on their preferred video game. Content can also be centered on the game they played the most.

On TikTok, this particular subreddit is related with a variety of hashtags, some of which are #minecraft, #gaming, #fortnite, #gamer, and #xbox. Other hashtags in this category are #gamer and #xbox. TikTok is of the opinion that the expansion of gaming content presents an enormous business opportunity for organizations operating in all business sectors.

Understanding the gaming community is going to require some time and effort from businesses, but when they are able to make that connection and build up a loyal community around a specific product related to gaming, this investment is going to be well worth the time and effort that is put in by those businesses.


TikTok is quickly becoming a hub for budding cooks who share their movies with the community in order to disseminate straightforward cooking instructions. Again, the trend of spending more time at home over the course of the past year has led to an increase in the number of people who have taken up cooking as a pastime, and TikTok is the platform that more and more people are using to get ideas from. #quickrecipes, #masterchef, #foodies, #recipe, and #easyrecipes are some of the hashtags that are associated with this category.

The popularity of culinary-related content on TikTok presents an opportunity for marketers to capitalize on this trend by developing instructional videos that focus on meal preparation and the use of a variety of cooking implements.

A Few Parting Thoughts

When it comes to the variety of content that is available on TikTok in the present day, the four categories that we have discussed so far are merely the top of the proverbial iceberg. If, on the other hand, you want to be taken more seriously in general and you want to capitalize on having a TikTok profile, then you absolutely will want to keep up with what’s popular on TikTok, so that you can modify your material to suit the requirements of your audience. If you are seeking to capitalize on having a TikTok profile, then you definitely will want to keep up with what’s happening on TikTok.

In the end, what’s popular on TikTok is continually shifting, so you should always be ready to adapt and modify your content to reflect whatever is currently trending on the platform.