An Ultimate Guide: Instagram Live

Are you thinking about incorporating live video into your Instagram stories?

Seeking a primer to help you get going?

Live video, introduced in the most recent version of the Instagram app, allows users to communicate with their followers in real time.

How to incorporate Instagram Live video into Instagram Stories is covered in this post.

Why do people use Instagram Live?

To sum up, Instagram Stories is a feature that lets you post material to your profile that will stay at the top of your followers’ feeds for a day.

Keeping your Instagram story updated can help you remain at the top of your audience’s Instagram app, as the Instagram news feed is now governed by an algorithm.
This message is displayed to viewers who have not disabled live notifications when you go live.
Those that are interested in being present in the moment with you (e.g., your fans who enjoy Facebook Live videos or other forms of live streaming) will want to tune in while you’re broadcasting. They’ll have to interact with you while you’re broadcasting live in the hopes that they’ll tune in again.
Let’s take a look at the process of creating a live Instagram video.

Start a Live Stream on Instagram

Tap the Your Story profile picture (with the plus sign next to it) at the very top of your Instagram feed to begin an Instagram Live broadcast. Or, if you’ve already seen everything in your feed, tap the camera icon in the upper left corner of Instagram.

This brings up Instagram Stories, where you have three options to select from:

  • Disappearing video transmitted in real time
  • The standard is a photo or video that vanishes after 24 hours.
  • Boomerang is a time-lapse video made up of a series of short photographs.

To access Instagram’s Live streaming function, simply slide your finger to the left until you see the Live button.

Verify That Instagram Is Set To Show Stories

Before going live, you should review the Instagram Story options. To change preferences, use the cogwheel in the upper left.

Then, double-check your Instagram settings and make any necessary adjustments.

To limit or broaden the audience for your Instagram story and the people who can contact you about it, you can adjust these settings.

Keep in mind that your live video is excluded from the Save Shared Photos option. When you stop streaming, you’ll lose the video you just shot. ScreenFlow for Mac is a great option for recording iPhone screen activity and is a must-have if you want to record your broadcast.

Toggle Your Camera

Have you accidentally turned your camera around? To switch the direction of your camera, tap the arrow to the right of the Start Live Video button.

Keep in mind that flash photography is prohibited while streaming live.

Kick Off

After you’ve finished setting up, your broadcast can begin by selecting Start Live Video. As seen at the outset of this piece, Instagram will alert your followers as soon as your live video begins.

Control Your On-Air Show

You should know how to adjust certain important Instagram settings before going live.

The number of viewers and users who have joined your live stream will be displayed at the bottom of the screen. Initiating and responding to comments can also help kick off a discussion.

By monitoring the frequency with which individuals comment or leave, you may gauge the level of interest in what you’re presenting to your audience.

To end the comment section, select the three dots in its upper right corner.

Click the Live button in the upper left corner to see how long you’ve been streaming for.

Tap the viewer count to the right of the Live button (top left) to see who is watching your broadcast. To remove someone from the list, simply select the “X” next to their name.

Cease Transmission

Click the End button in the upper right corner of the screen to stop broadcasting.

The stats for your Instagram Live video, including the total number of views, will then be displayed.
This screen is your best bet (unless you have screen-recorded your live video with a combo of smartphone/computer/software) because your live video is lost in the moment and Instagram Analytics (so far) shows no data from live videos or stories. If you want to remember how well received your Instagram Live video was, snap a screenshot.

There’s no denying the popularity of live video; Instagram is just the latest social media platform to let users to create their own live, time-limited video tales.