10 Tips To Get More Followers on TikTok?

TikTok, one of the most recent social media apps, is focused on making short, entertaining videos that spread quickly online. It may seem like a long time before a brand’s initial audience truly develops, but this is especially true for newer brands.

We’ve compiled 11 doable suggestions to help you improve your TikTok profile and attract a larger audience.

1. Figure out who you’re trying to reach

Know your audience and create content that they will enjoy before you worry about expanding your following on any social media platform.

Increasing your TikTok popularity can be accomplished in several ways.

Observe current tendencies

TikTok is where trends first surface. If you’ve used the service before, you know that some videos on there have very similar structures or make use of the same sound clip. This is due to the fact that videos of this genre are currently very popular online. If you want to capitalise on current TikTok trends with a video that makes sense for your business, you should try making something similar.

Third, make a TikTok contest

TikTok is well-known for its numerous video challenges, such as dances, dares, and other activities. Flipping through the app’s video library, you’re bound to come across several unique tests. Check out some existing TikTok challenges and see if any of them fit with the tone of your brand.

As evidenced by the viral success of the #MoonPieChallenge, MoonPie has successfully accomplished this. Their initial TikTok video and subsequent challenges served as introductions.

Four, make sure you’re using appropriate hashtags

Hashtags are used to help people find your content on social media sites like Instagram, Twitter, and others. It is essential, however, to use the appropriate hashtags.

In many posts, people just use all the popular hashtags. Please don’t use hashtags unless they accurately describe the content you’re sharing. Any other presentation would be considered spammy.

Release videos on TikTok at optimal times

If you want your videos to get the most views on TikTok, you need to figure out when to post them. Examining the stats in your business or creator tools will yield this data.

Look under the Followers menu and you’ll see a list of recent Follower actions. In this section, you can examine when your followers tend to be online.

Commit to showcasing user-made content 6

If you see a TikTok video that features your brand or is highly relevant to your industry, ask the creator if you can share it as well. (Of course, you should give the original author credit; you can tag them in the caption.)

Take a look at this user-created piece of content from online nursery The Sill. A video of a new customer unboxing one of their plants has been reshared on their channel.

Seven, Collaborate with TikTok Stars

Although Instagram is where influencer marketing first gained popularity, it has since spread to TikTok with great success. There are a lot of “TikTok-famous” users out there, so partnering with influencers can help spread the word about your brand.
It’s important to remember that there are costs associated with collaborating with TikTok influencers. If you’re just getting started with influencer marketing and don’t have a huge marketing budget, you might want to find TikTok micro-influencers who have a dedicated fanbase.

Advertise your other videos on TikTok

Don’t be shy about letting people know you’re on TikTok. You should cross-promote your videos onto other channels because your existing followers may not be aware that you have a TikTok profile.

TikTok videos can easily be repurposed for use on other platforms, such as Instagram and YouTube, which also feature their own versions of short form video content. You can save videos from your TikTok feed with the TikTok logo and your handle in the corner of the screen, then upload them as is to platforms like Twitter and Instagram (feed videos), making it simple for your followers to discover you on TikTok.
TikTok’s features are a great way to interact with your audience and get their attention.

One of the best ways to increase the number of people who see your TikTok profile is to comment on and like other people’s videos. You can “heart,” “comment,” and “stitch/duet” on other people’s videos.

You can use stitching to join your own video to the end of a clip created by another user. This works wonderfully for annotating videos with new information or commentary.
Don’t forget to include call-to-action buttons at the end of your videos.

Gaining more TikTok fans through other means? Ask!

Include calls to action at the end of your videos encouraging viewers to check out your profile, other videos, or to follow you. Just like in this demo from Visme, you can accomplish this by adding a text sticker to the very end of your video.
While including such a call to action in each and every video you upload will likely turn off your current audience, it’s perfectly acceptable to include such a prompt once in a while.

This strategy works best when you are making a series of videos or uploading multiple videos at once. A simple text sticker reading “Follow us to catch part two!” would do the trick.

Test out some commercials on TikTok

Finally, we recommend experimenting with promoting your TikTok videos using some of your marketing ad budget. This is the best method to use at the outset so that you can gauge future success or failure based on the quality of your initial video.

In order to succeed on TikTok, you need to gain more fans right away

Are you eager to get started using these strategies? It’s a good idea to begin by looking at successful brands on TikTok for ideas. Don’t dismiss TikTok’s potential as a means of expanding your brand’s reach and monetizing your efforts.