Tips for Putting Together a Client Instagram Report Every Month

If you want to know if your current content strategy is helping you reach your social media goals, go no further than your Instagram analytics report.

When it comes to demonstrating the efficacy of their job, social media managers can’t do without in-depth Instagram analytics reports.

Winning pitches, growing a client’s portfolio, or keeping current clients abreast of the results of your work and the advantages gained for them may all benefit greatly from in-depth Instagram research.

As a result, firms engaging in Instagram marketing may benefit greatly from the information provided in Instagram’s analytics reports.

Instagram analytics data are just as helpful for marketers in determining which campaigns and influencer relationships have yielded the best results.

Instagram report generation instructions.

Social media key performance indicators are useful for both businesses and individuals in gauging the success of their initiatives and determining if a shift in approach is necessary.

Think about the key performance indicators for the client profiles you manage before you begin writing the social media report.

The success of a company in using Instagram to accomplish its goals may be evaluated using key performance indicators (KPIs). It’s useful for gauging whether or not you’re guiding the customer in the proper route.


To increase your client’s Instagram engagement, you need to know both when and what to post.

For instance, if you post when the vast majority of your intended audience is asleep, you should expect very little interaction.

You should post at times when your intended readers are most likely to see it.

Generating Leads

Increasing your number of prospective customers is a primary objective of Instagram marketing.

If your marketing methods are successful or if you need to make adjustments, you may see this in the quality of the leads you are producing.

More visitors will visit your website and do the desired action if you use effective marketing strategies.

To increase your Instagram lead generation, you need to provide material that is both interesting and relevant to your audience.

A compelling call to action, such as “link in bio,” “check the link in bio,” “more details in bio,” “comment below,” “save this post for later,” etc., can also encourage readers to visit the link.

Increasing Revenues

Sales leads that don’t pan out are useless. Significant revenue generating is possible, especially if your client’s Instagram account features prominent product promotion.

Keep in mind that 130 million Instagram users tap on a shopping post each month to get more information.

Users who find a product they like within the app may make a purchase without ever having to leave it.

Make sure you reply to everything, including calls to action, share Instagram stories, and more to urge your audience to check out your stuff.

Exposure to the Brand

Using branded hashtags is a great method to get your name out there.

Branded hashtags in Instagram posts not only increase interaction, but also increase the visibility of your content.

According to the data, postings including hashtags average about 13% higher interaction than those without.

You may think about hashtags on Instagram as being similar to keywords in SEO.

Let’s dive in and learn what monthly Instagram stats are absolutely crucial for your reporting.

Incorporate the following Instagram statistics into your regular social media report:

Once you’ve set your key performance indicators, you can delve further by include the following Instagram analytics in your social media reporting for clients:

Follower participation rate

The percentage of your followers that have interacted with your posts is your engagement rate.

The average engagement rate per post is determined by dividing the total number of likes and comments a post has gotten during a certain time period by the total number of posts made during that period, and then dividing that figure by the total number of followers.
You may learn a lot about your audience’s tastes and preferences based on the level of interaction generated by a single post.

This is crucial since it will guide your strategy shifts so that you only publish the material to which your audience responds best.

Rising Number of Instagram Followers

Your content’s feed frequency is based on the amount of followers your customers have.

Having more people follow you implies that your posts will show up more frequently in their feed.

Your client’s brand’s influence on Instagram users is proportional to the amount of people who follow their account.

Gaining more followers on Instagram indicates that many people are influenced favourably by your company. If your follower count isn’t rising quickly, it’s time to rethink your approach.

Insta-saved images

The amount of saves indicates how popular your article has become.

This number matters since it indicates that your content was helpful to the reader.

Keep up the good work if your save percentage is high, but adjust your tactics if it’s low.

Instagram’s Story Views Percentage

Story views are an indication of how many Instagram users have seen your stories.

You may use this indicator to see how many people saw the Instagram Stories you posted to your client’s account.

In conclusion

When it comes to promoting your brand and establishing meaningful connections with your customer base, Instagram is by far the most effective social media network.

If you want your client’s brand to succeed on Instagram, you need to monitor its performance on a regular basis, export its analytics into a report, and then deliver your findings.

If you want to assist your client’s brand do well on Instagram, you need to know how it’s doing, how your client’s rivals are doing, and what you can do to improve your client’s brand’s performance.