Instagram Analytics: A Tool to Improve Your Social Media Campaign

As of 2023, Instagram was already an integral part of most firms’ social media marketing strategies. To get the most of Instagram and achieve your goals with it, you must develop a plan guided by data and informed by analysis.

Knowing where to start when analysing data is a daunting task. The gap between you and the rest will widen without it.

If your rivals are using data to guide their Instagram marketing strategy, you should be doing the same. These four guidelines are simple enough for even the most data-averse marketers to implement.

Here’s how to use Instagram statistics to strengthen your online presence and get more followers.

Concentrate on the fundamentals: impressions, reach, and engagement

To begin, let’s talk about the most important indicators of a post’s success. Instagram Insights is the platform’s built-in tool for measuring the fundamentals, and it’s accessible to account administrators. You can’t evaluate the performance of your Instagram strategy without first gaining a firm grasp on these metrics.

You may be more aware with Facebook’s impressions, reach, and engagement as the three important metrics for analysing social media effectiveness; but, the same holds true for Instagram. So how can you leverage them to strengthen your social media approach?


The figure depicts how many individuals viewed your post. By analysing your Instagram views and looking for peaks and valleys, you can determine when your audience is most active and publish content at those times.


It’s the sum of everyone who saw a post in any way, whether it was in a feed, a hashtag or location search, or a suggestion. This indicator shows how well (or how much room there is for improvement) you are doing in advertising your Instagram post.


It includes all the ways in which Instagram users have interacted with your posts, such as like, commenting, sharing, and saving. Not only can you see which articles generate the most interest, but you can also start conversations with active users and foster a great image for your company by responding thoughtfully to their comments.
Get used to seeing these numbers everywhere. The real secret to successfully establishing a powerful presence on Instagram is in comprehending them and drawing conclusions. Pay attention to any unexpected shifts in the figures, and experiment to see what works best. Analyze the responses of your audience to various posting frequencies, hashtags, and content varieties.

And finally, while setting metrics-related KPIs, remember to be practical. Maintaining a high engagement rate is essential, but as your account gets bigger, you’ll start to see certain changes in your metrics. It makes sense! Eventually, accounts with a lot of followers won’t be able to reply to each and every one of their comments. And that’s why, if you want to keep your content interesting to your most dedicated consumers, you need to understand them.

Learn about your Instagram followers

When you have established important indicators to track your progress, you can go on to developing a winning plan. You need to know who you’re writing for before you can accomplish it.

Instagram Insights is useful since it provides easy access to basic demographic data like gender, age, geography, and activity levels. Nevertheless, without the assistance of a competent Instagram analytics tool, you won’t be able to fully comprehend how Instagram may aid in expanding your brand’s exposure.

Talk like your audience

Determine the sexes and ages of your target audience and find out what they enjoy. See what kinds of information and discussions they are interested in by using a social listening tool to track their online activity. The results will help you try new things with your approach. You should anticipate the various subsets of your target audience and design content accordingly.

Construct judicious publication schedules

Schedule your Instagram posts for when they are most likely to create high interaction by paying close attention to the periods of activity of your audience. People of different ages and sexes use the internet at different times of day.

Evaluate and adjust your approach

You don’t have to re-invent the wheel if you’ve already produced effective material on your Instagram account. Examine the content that has historically generated the most interest to see what you can do more of. Having a more in-depth familiarity with your target demographic will allow you to refine your current methods.

Plan to collaborate with influential people.

To broaden your audience, diversify your brand’s social media story, and provide fresh, engaging content, influencer marketing is an excellent strategy. The key is to identify the right influencers for your audience based on demographics like age, gender, and geography.

Exploring Instagram Story Stats

Are you sick of hearing how crucial Instagram Stories are to the success of your social media campaign? Fine. Yet, the attention span crisis and the rising popularity of short videos mean that this function is currently dominating the social media landscape. To that end, if you haven’t already included Instagram Stories into your marketing plan, you should start doing so immediately.

Interactivity is Instagram Stories’ biggest strength. You may utilise the feature’s built-in features to make your material more interesting to your audience. Hashtags, location tags, and mentions are standard for both posts and Stories, but there are also more advanced features like polls, questions, and quizzes. By using them, you may provide your readers a more engaging and memorable experience. Also, you’ll gain insight on who is seeing your Stories and why, which is beneficial for everyone involved.

The use of compelling narratives may also do wonders for product recognition. As they are less planned and more lighthearted than feed posts, you may gain more of a personal connection with your audience by using this function well. Of course, consistency across all of your social media channels is essential, but trying out some Instagram posts with a more relaxed tone may be a nice change of pace for any business.