Maximizing Your Instagram Following in 2023: 9 Proven Strategies

The promotion of a brand on Instagram is difficult since it involves the creation of a dedicated following.

The first step in figuring out how to increase your Instagram following is determining your target audience. Develop a plan that specifies who you want to join your account and how you want to get them there.

A Free Strategy to Increase Your Instagram Following

Determine the voice and character of your brand.

It may seem simple, but the way your brand communicates should always have the same feel and attitude. You want your online identity to come out as kind and approachable.

Making material in which a worker or, even better, a customer explains your product or service will make your brand more approachable. If your product or service caters to consumers with a certain way of life, you may want to consider developing a visual identity that reflects that.

Whatever you want to use your posts, they should all share a similar tone and visual style.

Learn who your ideal customers are

You might as well be flinging feathers in the breeze if you don’t know who you’re aiming at.

You may narrow down your potential followers on Instagram by using demographic data such as age, geography, profession, and Instagram activity. Your material ought to address the challenges and worries they share, or the lifestyle goals they aspire to achieve. You’ll have a greater chance of attracting and retaining your desired audience if you show them some appreciation in some way.

Create a recognisable visual identity for your product

Your Instagram grid is a lot like a resume; it needs to make a good first impression.

With Instagram being such a visually oriented platform, maintaining a constant visual style will go a long way in establishing your brand’s identity and making your pictures stand out from the feed.

Each and every one of the pictures you share on Instagram must be interesting and compelling if you want your followers to think your aesthetic is worth following. As a group, your postings should have a cohesive, aesthetically pleasant appearance. Even if your items don’t have a uniform aesthetic, you can still place them in a grid on Instagram so that they appear great next to one another, just like an ad in a glossy magazine.

Choose appropriate search terms

You need to be discoverable if you want to gain a following. If you want to be seen in search results, it’s important that your username and full name match the name you use everywhere else online.

You’ll show up higher in search results if your name contains a term people are likely to use to find you. The name area allows for 30 characters, so feel free to incorporate your keyword there.

Add appropriate hashtags to your posts

Hashtags are similar to users in that Instagram users may follow them. To get a larger Instagram following, you should choose hashtags that your intended audience actively engages with.

You’re allowed up to 30 hashtags per post; just use ones that make sense with your image, service, or company. A more engaged audience might be attracted with specific hashtags. It’s best to avoid using hashtags like “#followme” or “#likeforlike” since they attract bots and individuals who are merely following you to have their follow request fulfilled.

Invest time and effort into crafting a compelling bio on Instagram

Non-followers account for a hefty percentage of Instagram company profile views (2/3). Doesn’t it sound like a good chance?

In order to encourage people to click the follow button, your profile (and website, if you’re connected to one) has to be clear, short, and interesting. Introduce your brand to new readers in the limited space of 150 characters. Let people know what to expect from you in terms of content, and why they should follow you.

You may expand your Instagram profile with information like your contact information, company type, and location if you have a business or Creator account. If you want people to follow you, you need to provide them as much information as possible about yourself, so fill out as many of the required areas as possible.

Use your other social media accounts to your advantage

You may simply get new Instagram followers from the people who already follow you on other social media sites.

Give your current followers a cause to check out your Instagram by posting a link to it on your other pages. As a means of attracting additional followers, you may provide an Instagram-only discount code or organise a contest. In order to give potential followers an idea of what they may anticipate from your Instagram account, you might also showcase some of your most popular posts.

Nevertheless, don’t limit yourself to only the Internet. Promote your Instagram page in all the usual internet places, such your website, email signature, and newsletters.

Use Instagram photos into your writing

It’s a good idea to integrate Instagram photographs and videos in some of your blog posts or website pages if you already use visual material like photos, charts, or infographics. This is an example of a clickable embed that will provide an engaging experience and drive visitors to your account.

Make Instagram Reels

The Reels format, which is similar to but not the same as TikTok, has been Instagram’s darling for a long now.

Instagram’s algorithm gives Reels a higher ranking on the Explore page. On the app, these mini-movies also have their own menu item. In this infinite stream, viewers may watch Reels that have been hand-picked for them according on their preferences and interests.

Using Instagram’s Reels format, you may potentially reach viewers who don’t follow your account, thanks to Instagram’s attempts to promote this type of content to as many users as possible.