Social Media Marketing Trends That You Need to Know

Every year brings fresh developments in the world of social media advertising. To stay ahead of the curve and reap the benefits of their social media advertising in 2023, companies need to be cognizant of a few important trends.

TikTok’s meteoric ascent

Over the recent years, TikTok’s popularity has skyrocketed, and it shows no sign of slowing down. Businesses may reach a younger demographic and make a memorable impression by using the site’s short video format and active user base to promote their wares. Chipotle is one company that has used TikTok to great effect. There was a “Guac Dance” competition where people were urged to record oneself dancing to a Chilli song and upload it to TikTok. Over a billion people saw this ad, which aided in substantial improvements to in-store sales.

Customization’s Crucial Role

Businesses can benefit from social media marketing by catering to customers’ desire for customised experiences. Businesses may strengthen their relationships with their audience and increase conversions by leveraging data and insights to develop better tailored content and campaigns.

Coca-Cola is a great example of a company that has mastered the art of personalised social media marketing. They made bespoke bottle labeling for their clients using information from social media. Over 20 million custom bottle labels were printed for the campaign, which contributed to higher levels of consumer involvement with the brand and ultimately more product sales.

The expansion of social shopping

The practise of social commerce, or making purchases via online social networks, is gaining ground. Instagram and Facebook, among others, have recently added tools that make it simpler for companies to sell their wares online.

H&M is a good example of a company that has effectively utilised social commerce. They added a shoppable post option to their Instagram page so that users could purchase items featured in photos they had previously posted. Because of this, sales have gone up and buyers have had an easier time making purchases.

The growth of the online retail sector

E-commerce has shown phenomenal growth over the past year, with the pandemic serving as a major catalyst for this trend. It’s crucial to maximise your presence on social media in order to reap the benefits of this growing trend among consumers and businesses.

Glossier is a company that has mastered the art of e-commerce and social media marketing. You can find them on Instagram, where they’re actively promoting their business and hoping to gain new clients who will eventually buy their wares. They were able to improve their internet sales and create a loyal customer base by leveraging influencer marketing and designing an aesthetically pleasing Instagram presence.
Increasing value of social networks
It’s more crucial than ever to cultivate a dedicated fan base for your product or service. It is possible to build a dedicated fan base, which in turn can help spread the word about your business and bring in more customers, by providing them with useful information, holding events, and otherwise interacting with your target demographic.

Starbucks is a company that has done a good job of creating a fan base for itself. They interact with clients, hold events for them, and make useful content all through social media. As a result, a solid and active community has been established, which in turn promotes brand awareness and recognition through word of mouth.

Applying Robotics and AI

Neural network (AI) and automation are being used more and more by companies to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of their social media marketing and content creation. Businesses can save time and energy by using AI-powered tools and software to perform data analysis, discover crucial insights, generate content, and automate mundane processes related to social media marketing.
Focus on AR and VR 7
In recent years, augmented and virtual reality have become increasingly commonplace in the realm of social media advertising. These innovations have the potential to revolutionise the customer experience and provide a fresh platform for showcasing products.

One company that has made good use of AR is IKEA. With the app’s new augmented reality function, users can virtually place furniture in their own homes to get a feel for how it would look. There was a rise in sales and customer engagement as a result of this. If you’ve made something awesome using the IKEA app, be sure to show it off by posting it on your favourite social media platform!

The value of marketing through video

Businesses would be wise to capitalise on the rising demand for video content shared on social networks. Videos, whether they’re short clips on TikTok or live broadcasts on Instagram, are a fantastic medium for reaching out to your target demographic and showcasing your goods and services in an exciting and engaging fashion.

One company that has made good use of online video is Nike. They market their business and products by making lively and interesting videos for Instagram and YouTube. These videos have proven to achieve big gains in revenue and brand engagement.