Social Media Holiday Posts That Are Both Fun And Simple

For company owners, the Christmas season is a period of increased activity. Social media management is a significant contributor to our hectic schedule. It’s crucial for expanding our customer base and generating revenue, and it also helps us get to know the locals better.

If you’re feeling uninspired, you may be scratching your head over potential content to share on social media around the holidays. In order to assist you, I have included some suggestions for blogs that you may quickly write and plan in advance.

Articles to Share on Social Media over the Holidays

Here are seven guaranteed-hit holiday social media post ideas for your social media planner.

Using Pictures, Think Back on the Previous Year

Nothing beats looking back through your photos from the last year to remember all the wonderful experiences you had. It’s an excellent method for increasing thankfulness. Make a collage or carousel of your best photos from the year to share on social media for the holidays.

The second part of the holiday exercise is to reminisce about a special Christmastime

Business success may be achieved in many ways, but one of the most effective is via increasing the Like, and Trust Factor between two parties. And if you want others to get to know you better, a narrative is a great way to do so. Tell a funny or heartwarming story about the holidays if you have one. At this time of year, a video telling a feel-good narrative will resonate with viewers more than any other medium.

Use a branded hashtag to encourage others to share their own holiday content.

Hashtags are helpful since they facilitate discovery of your content. They also link related blogs for readers interested in a certain topic. Create a special customised hashtag for the holidays if you’re in the mood. Put it to use whenever you want to share something festive on social media.

Next, to get others involved, you should suggest they do the same. By publishing these updates to your feed, Stories, etc., you have a fantastic chance to draw attention to user-created content. That’s ready-made, shareable material on the house!

The fourth tip is to make shopping easier by creating little gift guides.

Sharing some holiday-themed social media postings may give people a plethora of fantastic present ideas, a problem we all face. Create many smaller gift guides, each with ideas for items fitting a certain theme. In this way, one list may include suggestions for the entrepreneur in your life. Such items might be the newest in business advise literature or the hottest tech gear.

Have a “12 Days”-Style Party

Several companies have their own versions of the “12 Days of Christmas” event, which are inspired by the song. You may offer 12 days’ worth of advice that is unique to your brand if you feel like it. During the next 12 days, you’ll have something to share online, and readers will have a purpose to visit your site. If you’re searching for a great method to network, you could even do 12 days of Instagram Lives or Twitter Spaces.

Volunteer for a cause close to your heart.

The Christmas season is a great time to urge others to give back if they are able to do so, since many people are in a particularly generous mood at this time of year. Donating to a cause you believe in is a great way to show generosity this holiday season. Your contribution might take the form of money or hours of your time. You don’t have to brag about your charitable actions (or how much money you’ve given) anymore, but you may still encourage others to follow in your charitable footsteps.

To show appreciation to your neighbourhood, you should hold a giveaway.

One method to show appreciation is to offer incentives to those who are already members of your online community. For the benefit of your audience, consider holding a contest or raffle. This bonus may be a discount on a package of services, a free consultation with a professional, or a tangible copy of one of your programmes. On the other hand, you may hold a contest in which the prize is a gift certificate to a store whose products you know they’ll enjoy (such as Amazon or Starbucks). They’ll be compelled to come in.