How Small Businesses Use TikTok To Go Viral?

For smaller brands and businesses, there is no denying the importance of going viral on TikTok.

Hundreds, if not thousands, of new customers could be attracted to your business with just one TikTok video.

Still, it’s not always simple to zero in on the best approach. Three local business owners shared their experiences with us about how they are using TikTok to promote their companies and reaping the rewards.

The Step-by-Step Guide to Making Your Small Business Viral on TikTok

When it comes to reaching a wide audience, TikTok is one of the most accessible options.

There have been cases of accounts with very few followers gaining viral fame on the TikTok app, with their videos receiving millions of views in a short period of time.

Also, it’s not just the big names and the best-selling items that are making waves online. Independent commercial enterprises are equally represented.

We talked to three motivating business owners about their experiences with and insights from using TikTok for brand marketing.

A Look Inside The Silk Research Institute

This is the Nadaré Co.

Made by Felicias Viral The Silk Labs is the leading producer of TikTok.

The founder of The Silk Labs, Jenna Labiak, had no idea her 2019 TikTok video would go viral and spark such a successful business.
The Silk Labs’s TikTok account attracted 20,000 new followers as a direct result of that video. Two years later, they’ve amassed just over 100,000 subscribers, making it the company’s most popular social media outlet.

Jenna stresses the importance of being genuine and posting regularly on TikTok as a means to monetize a small business. TikTok has been instrumental to the growth and development of her company’s brand.

Over two hundred people bought our silk elastic set after seeing it in just one TikTok video.

They did this by collaborating with popular users of the video sharing app TikTok, such as Emma Chamberlain.
She discovered us after our community tagged her in the comments of a TikTok asking to send her free merchandise.

How did The Silk Labs achieve such phenomenal success on TikTok?

Jenna explains that she achieves this by “posting consistently” and “having conversations with my community daily.”

Jenna always appears for her viewers, even on days when she’d rather not be in front of the camera.

Above all else, our audience enjoys learning more about the real person behind the brand. It’s not about saying or doing the right thing, I realised.

Tutorials, business advice, behind-the-scenes, and aesthetically pleasing videos are the four mainstays of Jenna’s content strategy.

As the one in charge of our TikTok content, I always aim to provide a great deal of worth for our viewers. As an alternative to simply “promoting” our hair care products, I’ve decided to incorporate them into a hair tutorial.

What is Jenna’s recommendation for local businesses that want to use TikTok to increase revenue?

Don’t sign up for TikTok thinking that every video you make should go viral. Obviously, you want that to happen, but you shouldn’t be too hard on yourself if it isn’t. In any case, you will develop a following if you consistently publish high-quality articles. Because that’s the crux of it!
Nadaré Co., the No. 2 Most Popular TikTok Channel

In late 2020, Andrea Norquay saw a need in the market for reasonably priced fine jewellery, so she went into business for herself and launched Nadaré Co.

Andrea, unsure of her starting point, tried out TikTok. A week before her business’s official launch, she began posting videos to TikTok.

According to her, “we almost sold out of everything” after receiving 40 orders on launch day. We have nearly 92,000 followers on TikTok, so it’s clearly an effective platform.

Andrea never fails to relieve the suffering of her viewers (in under 30 seconds! ), whether she’s demonstrating the ease with which customers can shower while wearing jewellery or suggesting new ways to pair necklaces.

Keep your videos brief and straightforward, as this will increase their likelihood of being viewed. As Andrea elucidates, “Highlight how you’re unique and how you’ve filled a void in the market.”

This type of content does well on TikTok in terms of both likes and views and in terms of its ability to generate revenue. TikTok has been instrumental in driving a large portion of Nadaré Co’s revenue.

And Andrea isn’t joking around when she says she saw 700 orders in one week after one of her videos got 1.4 million views.

Popular Third Most Viewed TikTok Channel: Designs by Felicias

When Felicia Ip’s regular job started requiring her to work from home, she decided to devote more time to her side business. Etsy storefront where she offers her one-of-a-kind designs for purchase.
As a result of posting videos to TikTok, she has been able to expand her business, Designs by Felicias.

With over 111,000 current followers, the company’s most popular video has received seven million views (and counting) so far.

There’s no way my company would be where it is now if not for TikTok. It has been instrumental in the development of my online following, both in terms of community and Instagram popularity.

Her TikTok videos about packaging and shipping, as well as advice for other entrepreneurs and behind-the-scenes looks at her business, are popular with her fan base.
And Felicia’s number one piece of advice for local businesses looking to leverage TikTok?

Felicia recommends that entrepreneurs experiment with various forms of content to see what resonates most with their target audience.

Going viral on TikTok can drastically alter the course of a small business’s brand.