The Instagram Strategy For Marketing Success (Without Instagram Bots)

Try out these suggestions to discover what works best to increase your account’s engagement, following, and return on investment, given that every sector and target user is unique.

The Instagram Robots: Part One, Where Have They Gone?

We can now say it: Instagram bots have been eradicated.

You probably already know this if you’re like myself and thousands of other people who have utilised Instagram bots like Instagress, Archie, and PeerBoost to get hundreds of new followers each week. Instagram has killed down one of the most popular bots, Instagress, in April of this year. We’ll explain why this was a major development and provide suggestions for how to increase your following after the bot cull.

Advertisers, not Instagram, eliminated the bots.

According to Gary Vaynerchuk, “marketers wreck everything.” Marketers go all in when they find a certain way to expand their client base and increase their number of qualified prospects. Before there was Instagram, there was email. Advertisers’ misuse of Instagram bots led to Instagram’s decision to ban services like Instagress and Archie. Since then, you’ve definitely seen a decrease in the quantity of generic (and often spammy) comments on your articles.

What Made Instagram Bots So Well-Liked

Of course, marketers have a lot of responsibility for the Instagram spam that has occurred in the previous few years. Yet, for those who didn’t misuse bots, the tools were rather useful. They served their purpose well, didn’t cost much, and could operate around the clock.

More importantly, think of how specific brands may get with their interactions and followers. For example, with Instagress, you may specify a variety of criteria for the automation of likes, comments, and followers. Among these were:

  • Engaging with and following others that are interested in particular hashtags or profiles
  • Only connecting with profiles that have a photo and a full description (to prevent interacting with any spam accounts)
  • You can only like or comment on posts that are less than X days old, or that have less than X amount of likes or comments.

The ability to employ spintax meant that your statements appeared more sincere. Hence, your account would not appear spammy from repeatedly utilising the same remark.

It’s time to update your Instagram approach, so stop reminiscing about the good old days of bots, whether you used them aggressively to expand your audience or were blissfully unaware of them. Let’s examine the post-bot Instagram landscape and see what it takes to succeed there.

Employ Niche Influencers

Instagram user with a respectable following but fewer than 15,000 followers is considered a micro influencer. Instead of attempting to break through to someone with 600,000 followers and paying them an excessive amount of money for a boosted post, it is far simpler to work with an account that has 7,000 followers.

Make a contact list of the niche’s micro influencers and send them an invitation to your contest. Just sending them a direct message along the lines of “Hi, I really enjoy your account, and I’m doing a contest on my page” will do the trick. Would you be open to promoting it to your audience? Test out several versions of this message and discover what works best; you may find that they are eager to spread the word about your content and offer. Repeat your payment offer in case they still haven’t replied. This way, you’ll have a few dozen potential entrants to your contest thanks to the efforts of five or so micro-influencers.

Boost Interest in Your Blog Articles and Premium Content

Your hard work on your blog will not go to waste after you have created a business or specialised account and can start using the content you have created. Get people to click the link in our bio to learn more by writing a post description about your blog post or premium content product, or even just copying and pasting text from your article or ebook. Please remember to update your bio with a link to the article!

Some More Pointers on How to Disseminate Information:

Add a unique URL that can be tracked to the piece of material in your bio.
Include your handle in the post’s description so that others may readily see your bio (see the example below)
If you decide to change your bio, it’s a good idea to include the tracking Link at the end of the post description so that users who encounter your previous posts can easily locate the information to which they refer.

Is Your Account Ready to Expand?

Have fun putting these suggestions to use to increase your account balance! Always keep tabs on how each campaign is performing in terms of gaining new followers and boosting interaction. While Instagram is continually evolving, these methods are good illustrations of how you may be creative with the site to achieve your goals.